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MKI Solutions


In an effort to resolve the complex and diversified issues facing companies, we provide consulting services based on cutting-edge technology trends to meet customers' current needs as well as to support their future.

  • IT Management Services
  • IT Utilization


System Development

We provide services to construct the most appropriate systems for customers by developing large-scale systems (including integrating global mission-critical systems and standardizing operational processes) as well as individual applications that use industry knowledge and operational know-how.

  • ERP Systems
  • Application Development


Main Solutions

  • MKI-Trade Suite
  • CASTER:Financial analysis systems


Service Integration

By effectively and efficiently using a variety of cloud services, we think together with customers and support them by proposing new business models — such as IoT services, big data analysis and energy management — in order to provide greater benefits.

  • Internet of Things(IoT), Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Data Center


Main Solutions

  • Black Swan:data analytics software platform
  • Demand forecasting,Automatic ordering system
  • GeM2:cloud-based energy management service
  • Zuora:Subscription Management Platform
  • DocuSign:Electronic signature and Digital Transaction Management software and services


IT Infrastructure

To provide platforms for individual services, we develop systems by proposing infrastructure that supports customers’ business growth, including Wi-Fi systems and communication tools.

  • Network, Security
  • Contact Center, Communication and Collaboration
  • Mobile


Main Solutions

  • MKI Managed Wi-Fi:wireless LAN service
  • Communication and Collaboration(Cisco, Microsoft)
  • Contact Center solutions


Operation and Maintenance

We create safe and reliable service systems based on our track record in managing and maintaining systems in mission-critical areas as well as in collaboration with our global partners.

  • Integrated Monitoring
  • Managed Services
  • Outsourcing



Main Solutions

  • OncoPrime:Service which helps to identify potentially effective drugs based on gene analysis
  • KidsNote:Childcare-based web and mobile application that connects teachers and parents


Advanced Technology Center

Our Advanced Technology Center (ATC) is home to environments optimized for technical development and verification, meeting rooms, and presentation facilities.  It can be used not only for meetings, but also for joint verification with customers, and the presentation of new technologies.  You can see the leading edge of the OMOTENASHI systems MKI strives to develop.


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