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President Isao Kohiyama
Director Yoshihiro Iwata
Director Makoto Imai
Director Tatsuo Watanabe
Director Masayuki Oshima
Director Hideyuki Hitomi
Director Yukihisa Kato
Director Masaki Saito
Director Takeshi Yamada


Auditor Hitoshi Takabatake
Auditor Shinichiro Konishi
Auditor Masaki Sugimoto


Executive Officers

Yoshihiro Iwata * Executive Vice President & Executive Officer
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
(Corporate Planning Div., Human Resources & General Affairs Div., Information Technology Promotion Div., Solution Center, Global Business Div.)
Makoto Imai * Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
(Operations Management Div., Finance & Accounting Div., Process Operations Div.)
Tatsuo Watanabe * Executive Officer
(Business Planning Div., Business Support Div., Major Account Business Unit, Financial Sector Sales & Contact Center Business Unit, Singapore Branch)
Masayuki Oshima * Executive Officer
(Telecom & Industrial Sector Sales Unit, Retail & Service Sector Sales Unit, IT Infrastructure Services Unit, Western Region Sales Unit)
Hideyuki Hitomi * Executive Officer
(Engineering Support Div., Engineering Planning Div., Engineering Administrative Div., Western Region Engineering Div., Digital Transformation Center, Systems Engineering Group, Emerging Engineering Group, IP Platform Engineering Group)
Yukihisa Kato * Executive Officer
GM, Engineering Administrative Div.
Katsuhisa Nakatani Executive Officer
Branch Chief of Singapore
Akemi Sase Executive Officer
GM, Internal Audit Div.
GM, Corporate Auditor Dept.
Masayuki Tobe Executive Officer
Executive GM, Emerging Engineering Group
Kouichi Kishida Executive Officer
Executive GM, IT Infrastructure Services Unit
Hiroyuki Murai Executive Officer
Minoru Tsuchiya Executive Officer
President & CEO of MKI Technologies Co., Ltd.
Toru Sasaki Executive Officer
Executive GM, Telecom & Industrial Sector Sales Unit
Shinji Kawashima Executive Officer
Executive GM, Solution Center
Eishi Kamatani Executive Officer
GM, Engineering Planning Div.
Masahiro Bando Executive Officer
Executive GM,IP Platform Engineering Group
Tomohisa Oze Executive Officer
GM, Corporate Planning Div.
Takanori Kunikata Executive Officer
Executive GM, Major Account Business Unit
Hideki Morimatsu Executive Officer
Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
GM, Operations Management Div.
Hiroshi Yoshizawa Executive Officer
Executive GM, Western Region Sales Unit
Tsugio Waguri Executive Officer
Naoto Motohashi Executive Officer
Kurata Miyashita Executive Officer
Executive GM, Digital Transformation Center
Yasuhiro Takada Executive Officer
Executive GM, Financial Sector Sales & Contact Center Business Unit
Toshinari Nonaka Executive Officer
GM, Engineering Support Div.
Eisaku Tatsumi Executive Officer
Executive GM, Systems Engineering Group
Tsutomu Kamohara Executive Officer
Keitaro Hatori Executive Officer
Executive GM, Retail & Service Sector Sales Unit

* Director



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