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Mitsui Knowledge Industry (MKI) supports true DX (Digital Transformation) through collaboration between Corporate IT, which is often called "Sustainable IT", and Business IT, which is often called "Competitive IT", to enhance the business value of our clients.

With the rapid changes in the market and the evolution of technology, companies need to leverage digital technology to increase their market competitiveness.

The comprehensive ICT capability we cultivated with our clients and partners for more than half a century provides a wide range of solutions. They include consulting and management services to oversee the IT lifecycle over medium to long term, ERP, networks, call center systems, security measures, and cloud computing. We provide total support for our clients from consulting to development, construction, operation, and maintenance.


We support our clients' DX (Digital Transformation) by utilizing our experience and knowledge gained from many DX projects and the latest digital technologies such as AI and IoT.

With our focus on digital technology R&D, we contribute to creating new businesses for our clients through consulting services, workshops, and business models/technology trials.


Even before the term IoT was created, we worked on using the on-site data for operational reforms and failure detection. In addition to our R&D utilizing MKI's knowledge, we are actively promoting partnerships that transcend the framework of industries and sectors. We maximize the provision of value, including creating new businesses that utilize high-performance and high-velocity analytical prediction.

IT Consulting Services / ITMS (IT Management Services)

MKI provides IT consulting and IT management services (ITMS) for IT strategy, closely linked to business strategy.

As IT consulting, we support the IT lifecycle's upstream process, such as the formulation of IT strategy and systemization concepts, BPR, etc. ITMS covers all aspects of IT operations, including the execution plans based on IT strategy, project/vendor management, and operational support.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

MKI has years of experience in supporting companies that use SAP ERP. Our service includes system planning, system operation and maintenance, implementation, migration, and global rollout, which received multiple SAP awards in Japan and overseas over the years. The know-how cultivated through our experience is utilized in MKI's services to resolve IT departments' various issues.


From schools, stadiums to telecommunication carriers, we have created advanced case studies by utilizing our rich experience in Wi-Fi construction for various industries.

Our test facility, with the most advanced technologies, allows us to conduct rigorous product evaluations. We can perform failure analysis, provide high-quality and highly reliable implementation services that no other company can offer, ranging from radio wave surveys to design, construction,
operation and maintenance

Cloud Services

We offer our cloud services through major vendors widely used by global companies. It enables us to provide single functions, cloud-to-cloud integration, and migration from on-premises. With both a robust customer support system and a customer success system, we bring a wide range of support not limited to the IT department but also other departments' IT needs.

Hybrid Cloud

MKI has accumulated knowledge through experiences in the verification and implementation of next-generation platforms, including servers and networks. To achieve the rapid response required for companies to be more competitive, we combine the public/private cloud and on-premises resources to provide relevant solutions to help clients accelerate their DX process.

Network Solutions

In recent years, corporate networks' configuration has changed drastically from the increasingly complex network configurations and diversified connection patterns caused by work style changes. MKI provides a total ICT solution that creates new value and strengthens corporate competitiveness with an eye on the market's direction from consulting to development, construction, operation, and maintenance.


MKI has a wealth of experience in enterprise and public projects. Our storage system can be customized to meet your needs, including building a data fabric that emphasizes simplicity and responsiveness and supporting simplified data services across the hybrid cloud.

Security Solutions

In recent years, with the shift to cloud computing and the diversification of work styles, it has become increasingly challenging to protect company assets from complex and sophisticated cyberattacks. Taking the zero-trust security approach, MKI offers comprehensive security solutions that capture the latest cybersecurity trends.

CRM/Contact Center Solutions

We have been involved in the CRM/Contact Center Solution business for more than 30 years and have a track record of building more than 500 large-scale contact centers in Japan. As a primary distributor, we select and propose the best solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our high standard pre-shipment quality checks are performed at an in-house verification space of over 500 m² (54k ft²).

Financial Solutions

Our financial business has a history of more than 40 years. With a focus on the risks inherent in each financial business process, we offer the solutions and services to support the profit expansion and growth strategy of financial institutions based on our unique concept of "Risk-Based Solutions". Our solutions cover financial and capital markets, financial screening, and comprehensive lease management.


Companies are now in need of an infrastructure to correspond our work style innovations in various situations - maintaining and expanding labor productivity, childcare and nursing care, BCP, etc.

Our cloud solutions can provide seamless communication regardless of location/device, digital signature, secure file sharing with unlimited storage, customer/sales management platform, optimization of operation processes, etc., to best optimize employees' performance.


MKI's bioscience R&D started in 1975. Since then, we have been working on advanced IT technology in bioscience research and assisting public research institutions, major universities and pharmaceuticals for more than 40 years.

In addition to bioinformatics-related products, analysis, and support services, MKI launched Japan's first cancer genetic testing service, "OncoPrime" in 2015.

Our R&D extends to computational drug discovery and global
trends in the life science field.

Environment/Energy Solutions

"GeM2", our cloud energy management service, provides both energy-saving and comfort for our clients that have large facility operations like movie theaters, large electronics and home retail stores. Cloud remote monitoring service is also available for the solar power generation equipment.

We connect our knowledge and solutions to provide various IoT services using the "MKI IoT Platform, " including the self-developed gateways, data collected from end devices, and cloud data visualization and management.

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