Digital Transformation (visualization, big data asset) and real analysis
at the actual site enable to improve throughput and yield and to find out various wastes in the manufacturing process.
Also, by using AI, the added value of big data will be further increased.
MKI provides platforms and hardware for data collection, visualization, and data analysis that have proved in Japan and overseas, and supports manufacturing sites.

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Secure Network

De Facto Standard for Semiconductor Manufacturing

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Software Company of “After Service Specialty”

・Inventory Control
・Order Management
・Predictive Maintenance
・Subscription Pricing

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Proposed points
  • ● Big data collection, storage and analysis, combinatorial analysis tools contribute to process improvement and yield improvement.
  • ● Optimization of both HW and SW that can simultaneously perform data collection and data analysis
  • ● For rapidly increasing big data, pre-process implementation on the edge side for quick analysis
  • ● A secure network to enable remote asset management, preventative maintenance of equipment running

Improve productivity with IoT × OT ( Operation Technology )

Overall optimization, Process improvement, Throughput improvement,
Yield improvement, Availability improvement, Quality improvement,
Preventive maintenance, Remote maintenance, Power reduction

We will offer customers the best products to realize industrial IoT.

We will offer customers the best products to realize industrial IoT.

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