Company name changed due to the spin-off of the secureWISE business

In July 2000, the seucreWISE business was spun off from the existing Telit IoT Platforms, LLC and became owned and operated by secureWISE, LLC.

SecureWISE Business owner / operator



secureWISE is the most trusted 3rd Party platform for securely controlled remote access in the microelectronics industry such as semiconductor, FPD, PhotoMask, solar, LED, MEMS, battery and so on. It enables remote connection between semiconductor fabrication factories (FABs) spread all over the world and semiconductor manufacturing equipment suppliers (OEMs), and OEMs can realize on-demand access to semiconductor manufacturing equipment installed in each FABs in real time.
FABs can limit the data provided to OEMs, allowing FABs and OEMs to collaborate remotely in such a way as to bring mutual benefits such as shortening the startup period and reducing downtime.
secureWISE has been already installed in more than 90% of 300mm wafer semiconductor factories around the world, and has established the position of Standard within the industry.


Recently, it is also used in 450 mm wafer semiconductor factory / facility for research and mass production, contributing to speeding up the development process of 450 mm wafer. secureWISE enables for FABs and OEMs to conduct R & D, troubleshooting, test operation, etc. from any where and to shortens development process of 450 mm wafer by capturing “from labo to factory” as one.

Although there had been an idea of remotely connecting FABs and OEMs using the Internet from long ago, thewas an allergies at the FABs side connection ("there was a possibility of flowing to confidential information to OEMs", "FAB security and administrative the burden of " would be large" etc.) was high, so it has not been realized so far. Solving all these challenges, secureWISE attracts attention from many customers today, when the technology such as IoT / M2M and big data are progressingremarkably.
From the beginning, secureWISE has been focusing on remote access. Its Heavy User has been already using this service for more than 10 years, and it becomes a must-have solution for both OEMs and FABs.

In addition, due to various permission settings and visualization tools for using the secureWISE function, not only people close to the sites such as service forces, development forces, and production forces, but also management people are increasing to use it. It is also possible to make a timely information sharing of presence / absence of problem, effect and trend, and a quick decision making.


【Multiple layer defense】

SecureWISE can be used to realize secured and remote controlled access. Authenticated OEMs can only achieve remote access authenticated by FABs from an authenticated network environment.
Specifically, we will achieve multi-layered defense using the following functions.

  • Authorized OEMs

    The dedicated client application (Collaborative Client) for remote access by OEMs limits users who can access remotely and encrypts data to be remotely accessed.

  • Authorized network environment

    All OEMs and FABs are connected via secureWISE dedicated network (serviceNET). It would be possible to connect from the network flow of OEMs ⇔ service + ⇔ FABs and both OEMs and FABs needs to be authenticated by serviceNET. In addition, all data flowing through serviceNET would be encrypted and protect against intrusion from outside.
    ServiceNET's HUB is installed in North America, Europe and Asia and can be connected via HUB closer to OEMs and FABs.

  • Remote access restriction with FABs

    It is possible to set the policy of information and operations area that allow remote access from OEMs to the application server for using secureWISE installed in FABs, and all accesses outside the setting will be blocked. In addition, all remote access processes from OEMs will be monitored.


Basically, it is offered to the OEMs with usage-based charging.
It will be charged according to the number of connecting equipments, data communication volume, option availability, etc.
In addition to this, the initial cost for setting the functional configuration to be used is required to start using secureWISE.

Target application

  • Remote access between semiconductor manufacturing factory(FABs) ⇔ semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier(OEMs).

Other cases

  • Remote access between solar cell module manufacturing factory ⇔ manufacturing equipment supplier
  • Remote access between chemical plant ⇔ equipment suppliers


Regarding technical support, engineers of sesureWISE Inc. are supporting in addition to our engineers.


secureWISE is a third party (3rd Party) solution that connects semiconductor manufacturing equipment suppliers OEMs) and semiconductor manufacturing factories (FABs) with a stable secure network.
In the semiconductor industry, we have established the position of Defect Standard.

We believe that this network solution will provide benefits for both semiconductor manufacturing equipment suppliers and semiconductor manufacturing factories, and will contribute to the creation of various added values.
Thank you for your consideration.

Department in charge

Machinery & Material Unit

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