Message from Top Management

Isao Kohiyama
President & CEO

The MKI Group will continue creating new value and businesses with our customers.
The IT environment has been undergoing drastic changes in recent years. We believe that having comprehensive ICT technological prowess that stretches from infrastructure to applications is crucial in creating new customer businesses and value. This strength is also necessary to offer flexible support according to the environment, and to understand market and customer demands.
Ever since our founding, the MKI Group has consolidated seven distinct ICT technological prowess. We have been supporting customer work efficiency and value creation in all facets of business, incorporating an infrasctructure foundation that supports systems to connect client sales divisions with end consumers (SoE = Systems of Engagement) and backbone systems (SoR=Systems of Record) with the application of this comprehensive ICT technology.
In addition to this innovative and comprehensive ICT technology, experiences and information used to support our customers are the KNOWLEDGE accumulated by the MKI Group to date. We want to proactively apply this KNOWLEDGE to become a company with unlimited potential, trusted as a partner that will not only provide value to our clients, but will also take on the challenge of creating new businesses together with our clients.

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