Executives and Organization


President Kengo Asano
Director Tsutomu Kamohara
Director Shigenobu Chikano
Director Hideyuki Hitomi
Director Masayuki Oshima
Director Masanobu Ito
Director Minoru Watanabe
Director Kentaro Matsushima
Director Kenichi Kogiku
Director Yuji Mano
Director Kiichiro Takanami


Auditor Reiji Fujita

Executive Officers

Tsutomu Kamohara* Executive Vice President & Executive Officer
Shigenobu Chikano* Executive Managing Officer & Executive Officer
Hideyuki Hitomi* Executive Managing Officer & Executive Officer
Masayuki Oshima* Executive Managing Officer & Executive Officer
Masanobu Ito* Executive Officer
Minoru Watanabe* Executive Officer
Kentaro Matsushima* Executive Officer
Shinji Kawashima Executive Officer
Yasuhisa Oya Executive Officer
Hiroshi Yamai Executive Officer
Yuji Mochida Executive Officer
Toshifumi Uchida Executive Officer

* Director

As of Oct. 1,2023


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