Laser Processing

We have been providing various laser processing solutions together with our partners depending on what you want.

The applications are mainly for “Welding”, “Micro-machining” and “Roll to Roll High-speed Drilling”, targeting markets for electronics products, mobility including automotive and aircraft, new materials like CFRP, steel, film, sheet and so on. In addition, we provide a suitable solution including any experiments as well as system configurations for your challenges or product development themes.

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  • Automotive parts

  • Engine parts

  • Building materials

  • Steel products

  • Aircraft parts

  • CFRP products

  • Electronics products

  • New material products

FO series ARM (Adjustable Ring Mode), which is a fiber laser we handle, has the beam for center and ring. Both beams are separated coaxially and reach the processed area. This beam mode is completely a new processing mode that could not be realized by conventional laser welding and cutting.


In addition to this laser oscillator, we could achieve sputter reduction during welding, dramatic improvement for the bead surface and improvement of welding strength by combining robots and optical heads under the optimum conditions for the target materials.


We will support you to verify processing performance and to find optimum conditions by ARM at our demonstration facility.


Adjustable Ring Mode(Patented)

The beam irradiated from ARM is separated coaxially for center and ring, and reaches the processed area. Each beam of center and ring is generated inside the oscillator without using optical system and is transmitted to the exit window while maintaining beam quality.

Center + Ring

This completely new beam mode enables advanced processing in welding, cutting and surface treatment, which have never been possible by conventional lasers. Reducing sputters during welding for galvanized steels, dramatic improvement of welding quality for aluminum materials, and other new processing technologies are expected to be developed. Various combinations with this independently controllable laser bring you significant changes for your laser processing.

Strong Points

  • Optimizing process conditions each for variety kind of materials
  • Thanks to ring shape beam, there is no limitation on processing directionality
  • Achieves efficient welding for highly reflective materials such as aluminum and copper by irradiating laser at 90 degree
  • Reducing sputters during welding process

Resistance of back reflected beam

It is possible to avoid unexpected troubles caused by back reflected beam.

  • Unique structure against back reflected beam enables to weld the materials with high reflection such as aluminum and copper.
  • FO-series is available to irradiate with vertical angle such as 90 degree, while conventional lasers require irradiation from tilted angle in order to avoid troubles brought by back reflected beam.
  • You may safely use Galvano scanner connected to FO-series, though it often bring reflected beam back to laser oscillator.


Power control

A wide range of process conditions are applicable.
You may try various kinds of process with FO-series.
Power control lower than 10% is available.
(output power control range: 1 to 100%)

Power stability

About process

Laser welding: Aluminum

Laser welding process for aluminum materials used to bring defects such as porosities and undercuts. In addition, a lot of sputters generated during the process, damaged product itself and process equipment. We can solve these problems utilizing ARM laser.

■Comparison in pictures (Welding surface)









■Comparison in video (appearance of sputter)

Laser welding with conventional laser (Aluminum)

Laser welding with FO (Aluminum)

■Other examples

1st and 2nd: Lap welding with conventional laser (Copper plate)
3rd and 4th: Lap welding with ARM (Copper plate)

Different metal lap welding with ARM (Iron and Aluminum)

Irradiation with 90 degree by ARM
(Copper pin, No wobbling)

Irradiation with 90 degree by ARM
(Copper pin, No wobbling)

Application field

Product specifications


Wired Co., Ltd. c/o Toyama Factory 

1403 Yoshinoya, Sanjo, Niigata 959-1106, Japan



We provide precise and high-speed laser solutions for various applications such as micro-structuring, ablating,
cleaning, scribing, slitting, microfabricating, etc., by high-power ultra short pulse laser (maximum output: 1000 W)
and various optical units such as polygon scanner (maximum scanning speed: 200m/s).

【Advantages of our laser solutions】

・Burrs and heat affected zones (HAZ) free process.
・Fine and high precise machining process at high speed.
・Various materials, such as metals, resins, ceramics, glass, composite materials, can be processed.


In partnership with L.P.S. Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo), which is Japanese leading company in the laser micromachining field, we provide laser processing service to support your product development by our own laser systems equipped with high performance USP laser Amphos manufactured and manufacture custom-made laser systems.

【Our laser systems for laser processing service】

Strong Points


【LiB electrode】

【Micro texturing】

【CFRP】(Plate thickness: 0.7mm)

【Water-repellent and hydrophilic processing by LIPSS】*LIPSS: Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structure

  • Water-repelling sample
  • Hydrophilic sample

【Cylindrical processing】

Product specification

1) For Large size samples and external surface of cylindrical samples

(Amphos 200)
1030nm and 515nm
Pulse duration 800fs~10ps
Output power 200W(1030nm)/100W(515nm)@2MHz
Repetition Max. 40MHz
Maximum samples size for cylindrical sample Up to Φ300mm, length 600mm
Stage size 700mm×600mm
Rotational speed
(for cylindrical sample)
Max. 2rps
Scanning speed
Max. 3000mm/sec
Optical system 【For cylindrical sample】Aberration-free condensing lens
【For large size sample】Ultra-high speed 2D polygon scanner Aberration-free condensing lens (X-axis NC motion processing) Galvano scanner


2) Laser honing equipment

(Amphos 200)
1030nm and 515nm
Pulse duration 800fs~10ps
Output power 200W(1030nm)/100W(515nm)@2MHz
Repetition Max. 40MHz
Processable cylinder inner diameter Up to about Φ75~105mm
Processable cylinder length Up to 250mm
Maximum speed ・Rotational speed(θaxis): 1500rpm
・Z-axis: 500mm/sec
Helical set angle 0°< set angle < 90°
Processable groove width About 15µm~40µm
Processable groove depth About half the width or diameter



L.P.S. Works Co., Ltd.

409 OTA Techno CORE, 6-4-17 Higashi-Kojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0033



We have developed a roll-to-roll laser high-speed drilling machine for mass production that could not be realized with conventional Galvano mirrors and polygon mirrors.


This machine is the only one in the world utilizing unique technology of original optical design (GHS), expertise for selecting the optimum laser oscillator and expertise for laser processing for roll-shaped films, which enables high-speed drilling of various films and foils.


We have partnered with Wired Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture), which possesses the fastest laser porous processing technology in the world.


We operate and sell the first roll-to-roll laser processing machine in Japan for high-speed porosity equipped with our own ultrahigh-speed laser scanner.

Features of our laser processing technology

  1. The optical system called GHS (Grand Helical Scan) developed by our original design technology enables high-speed process.
  2. We will select and propose the most suitable laser to meet the demand for wide and high-speed process.
  3. We also welcome actual processing trials and evaluations of films and foils, and we can provide the expertise according to the customers’ development stage.

Core Technology:GHS(Grand Helical Scan) [Patented]

This is our unique optical system for high-speed scanning of laser light and fine hole processing while continuously transferring roll-shaped thin film and foil.


Strong Points



We perform non-contact and high-speed drilling of micropores with approximately Φ10µm diameter.

Wired’s laser processing technology enables high-speed, non-contact fine holes with a significantly smaller diameter and less burrs compared to other drilling methods such as punch press and etching.

We own multiple light sources and can perform laser processing tests for various kinds of materials.


Roll-to-roll laser processing example

It is possible to make processing of roll as it is! We support your company’s mass production with high-speed porous processing technology.


  • Laser drilling process on copper foil


  • Possible to process fine holes with a diameter of 10µm to 20µm.
  • Possible to make a test for a material with the range of 150mm to 300mm width and 1m to 10m/min rolling speed.
    We have produced a machine with 30m/min rolling speed for mass production.
  • You can minimize the burrs and burns peculiar to the laser hole.
  • Possible for mass production with thin steels, metal foils, and films.


Rolled Aluminum foil Rolled Aluminum foil

Hole diameter: Φ16µm,Pitch: 130µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.7%, parallel

Electrolytic Copper foil Electrolytic Copper foil

Hole diameter: 12µm, Pitch: 130µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.7%, parallel

SiO Negative electrode SiO Negative electrode

Hole diameter: 6µm, Pitch: 180µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.2%, parallel

Resin composite Resin composite

Hole diameter: 65µm,Pitch: 200µm/1100µm,
Aperture ratio: 5.5%, parallel

Polyimide Polyimide

Hole diameter: 10µm, Pitch: 200µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.2%, parallel

Product specification

Roll-to-roll laser drilling machine





Wired Co., Ltd.

2-4-15 Kitashinbo, Sanjo, Niigata 955-0861 Japan




Sales Department 2, Machinery & Materials Sales Division, DX Sales Unit
Tel. 03-6376-1343 Email. [email protected]

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