Management Vision

Who We Are

Exceeding market and customer expectations, leveraging our technology to break through to new businesses, we are the group who never stop challenging ourselves to create values for our customers.


Our Strategy

We support Digital Transformation on Competitive and Sustainable fronts.

Using comprehensive ICT capabilities gained working together with our customers and partners, we fulfill our customers’ needs with the best Digital Transformation using both Competitive and Sustainable IT for enhancing corporate values.

Environment driving our Knowledge

I:Innovation D:Development E:Engagement A:Advanced

The large infrastructure with industry leading facilities offers various support for today’s complex system and large data. We actively promote collaboration with customers and global ICT companies by implementing cutting-edge technologies and PoCs and Operation Verifications. Furthermore, generating greater value combining multi-vendor solutions.



We provide the quality space where people can focus or relax, aiming to maximize employees’ engagement so they thrive in the office. Diversely and naturally, people gather for open face-to-face communication where no boundaries exit between department to energetically create value.



MKI Academy

Our education system, available for all employees to enhance their technical skills and achieve their career, offers courses from basic to specialized level. Not only for engineers, it is designed for any employee, offering different forms such as small seminars, workshop and briefing meetings.


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