We provide precise and high-speed laser solutions for various applications such as micro-structuring, ablating,
cleaning, scribing, slitting, microfabricating, etc., by high-power ultra short pulse laser (maximum output: 1000 W)
and various optical units such as polygon scanner (maximum scanning speed: 200m/s).

【Advantages of our laser solutions】

・Burrs and heat affected zones (HAZ) free process.
・Fine and high precise machining process at high speed.
・Various materials, such as metals, resins, ceramics, glass, composite materials, can be processed.


Strong Points


Product specification


In partnership with L.P.S. Works Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo), which is Japanese leading company in the laser micromachining field, we provide laser processing service to support your product development by our own laser systems equipped with high performance USP laser Amphos manufactured and manufacture custom-made laser systems

【Our laser systems for laser processing service】
  • 1) For Large size samples / cylindrical samples

  • 2) For Laser honing process

  • ●With the conventional process (such as shot peening process, blast injection process …)

    ●With the conventional process such as shot peening process, blast injection process …


    ・Difficult to control pattern such as shape, depth

    ・Edge shape is not smooth such as swelling and burrs

  • ●With laser process…

    ●With laser process…

    ・Laser micro-texturing processing

    ・Easy to control pattern precisely

    ・No burrs or swelling

  • ●Conventional laser processing

    Fine ceramicsConventional pulse laser processing:Fine ceramicsSUS304Conventional pulse laser processing:SUS304
  • ●USP laser processing

    Fine ceramicsUltra Short Pulse laser processing:Fine ceramicsSUS304Ultra Short Pulse laser processing:SUS304

【LiB electrode】

Graphite coated electrodeGraphite coated electrodeCurrent collector:
Copper foil10µm thick
thickness of coating: 205µm

NCM coated electrodeNCM coated electrodeCurrent collector:
Aluminum foil 20µm thick
thickness of coating: 180µm

Si coated electrodeSi coated electrodeCurrent collector:
Nickelize steel foil 10µm thick
thickness of coating: 50µm

【Micro texturing】

Dimple processingDimple processing


Lattice processingLattice processing

Through hole processingThrough hole processing

Click here for more applications

【CFRP】(Plate thickness: 0.7mm)

  • 6) Slit processting

【Water-repellent and hydrophilic processing by LIPSS】
 *LIPSS: Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structure

  • Water-repelling sample
  • Hydrophilic sample Hydrophilic sample

【Cylindrical processing】

Cylindrical processing

1) For Large size samples
  and external surface of cylindrical samples

(Amphos 200)
1030nm and 515nm
Pulse duration 800fs~10ps
Output power 200W(1030nm)/100W(515nm)@2MHz
Repetition Max. 40MHz
Maximum samples size for cylindrical sample Up to Φ300mm, length 600mm
Stage size 700mm×600mm
Rotational speed
(for cylindrical sample)
Max. 2rps
Scanning speed
Max. 3000mm/sec
Optical system 【For cylindrical sample】Aberration-free condensing lens
【For large size sample】Ultra-high speed 2D polygon scanner Aberration-free condensing lens (X-axis NC motion processing) Galvano scanner

2) Laser honing equipment

(Amphos 200)
1030nm and 515nm
Pulse duration 800fs~10ps
Output power 200W(1030nm)/100W(515nm)@2MHz
Repetition Max. 40MHz
Processable cylinder inner diameter Up to about Φ75~105mm
Processable cylinder length Up to 250mm
Maximum speed ・Rotational speed(θaxis): 1500rpm
・Z-axis: 500mm/sec
Helical set angle 0°< set angle < 90°
Processable groove width About 15µm~40µm
Processable groove depth About half the width or diameter
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L.P.S. Works Co., Ltd. https://lps-works.com/english/

409 OTA Techno CORE, 6-4-17 Higashi-Kojiya, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 144-0033


L.P.S. Works Co., Ltd.

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Tel. 03-6376-1343 Email. [email protected]

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