Roll-to-Roll High-speed Drilling

We have developed a roll-to-roll laser high-speed drilling machine for mass production that could not be realized with conventional Galvano mirrors and polygon mirrors.

This machine is the only one in the world utilizing unique technology of original optical design (GHS), expertise for selecting the optimum laser oscillator and expertise for laser processing for roll-shaped films, which enables high-speed drilling of various films and foils.


Strong Points


Product specification


We have partnered with Wired Co., Ltd. (headquartered in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture), which possesses the fastest laser porous processing technology in the world.

We operate and sell the first roll-to-roll laser processing machine in Japan for high-speed porosity equipped with our own ultrahigh-speed laser scanner.

Features of our laser processing technology

  1. The optical system called GHS (Grand Helical Scan) developed by our original design technology enables high-speed process.

  2. We will select and propose the most suitable laser to meet the demand for wide and high-speed process.

  3. We also welcome actual processing trials and evaluations of films and foils, and we can provide the expertise according to the customers’ development stage.

Core Technology:GHS(Grand Helical Scan) [Patented]

This is our unique optical system for high-speed scanning of laser light and fine hole processing while continuously transferring roll-shaped thin film and foil.

GHS(Grand Helical Scan)

High-speed scanning system that transcends conventional optics (Galvano mirrors, polygon mirrors)

Achieves continuous high-speed processing by minimizing laser power loss as much as possible and processing in 1 shot

We have a machine for trial production up to 300mm width. Processing tests for mass production can be carried out immediately

Comparison with
other processes
Our high-speed
Punch press Etching
Hole/sec 4,000~
~3,000 ~6,000 10,000~
Hole diameter μm 3~100 20≦ 300≦ 200≦
Material Plastic Good Good Fair Poor
Ceramic Good (thin) Fair Poor Poor
Metal Good (thin) Fair Good Good
Burr No Yes Yes None

We perform non-contact and high-speed drilling of micropores with approximately Φ10µm diameter.

Wired’s laser processing technology enables high-speed, non-contact fine holes with a significantly smaller diameter and less burrs compared to other drilling methods such as punch press and etching.

We own multiple light sources and can perform laser processing tests for various kinds of materials.

Roll-to-roll laser processing example

It is possible to make processing of roll as it is! We support your company’s mass production with high-speed porous processing technology.

Laser drilling process on copper foil

checkPossible to process fine holes with a diameter of 10µm to 20µm.
checkPossible to make a test for a material with the range of 150mm to 300mm width and
  1m to 10m/min rolling speed.
  We have produced a machine with 30m/min rolling speed for mass production.
checkYou can minimize the burrs and burns peculiar to the laser hole.
checkPossible for mass production with thin steels, metal foils, and films.

Rolled Aluminum foil Electrolytic Copper foil SiO Negative electrode Resin composite Polyimide
Rolled Aluminum foil

Hole diameter: Φ16µm,
Pitch: 130µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.7%, parallel

Electrolytic Copper foil

Hole diameter: 12µm,
Pitch: 130µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.7%, parallel

SiO Negative electrod

Hole diameter: 6µm,
Pitch: 180µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.2%, parallel

Resin composite

Hole diameter: 65µm,
Pitch: 200µm/1100µm,
Aperture ratio: 5.5%, parallel


Hole diameter: 10µm,
Pitch: 200µm,
Aperture ratio: 0.2%, parallel

Roll-to-roll laser drilling machine
GHS(Grand Helical Scan)
GHS180 (WHI-180RR) GHS360 (WI-360RR)
Roll width 150㎜ 300㎜
Processing width 120㎜ 300㎜
Inner diameter (core) 76㎜(3inch)
Outer diameter Max:Φ500㎜
Constant speed 0.5~8m/min 0.2~10m/min
Transport speed Max: 25m/min Max: 20m/min
Tension ~80N (full width)
Meandering system Within +/-2.0mm


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